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Sports and Trekking

Sports Trekking bikes are very popular. They are designed to give the rider comfort as well as speed. They are fitted with multi gears, ranging from 18 speeds to 27 speeds, this give the rider a large choice of riding styles, whether for on-road or off-road use.

Front suspension is also introduced on some models. This adds comfort and allows the rider to use the bike on rougher terrain. Most Sports Trekking bikes have alloy frames too, this reduces the weight of the bike, making it easier to handle and move around.

Some top of the range models are fitted with disc brakes. There are a few reasons why disc brake are better. Firstly, they are centred in the wheel making them less prone to dirt and mud. Secondly, they are a better performing brake and the pads last longer.

Generally Sports Trekking hybrid bikes are designed to give the rider a large choice of cycling options.

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